Macro Plugin add feature

Hi People.

I’m new to Xsplit Software and so far so good.

I want to ask a question or maybe it’s a request to be added to the macro extension.

I run Xsplit 24/7 and would like the option to be able to choose a Day in the Macro extension it does have the time option, but not the day, so I cannot Schedule the whole week.

Is their another way I can do this?

I know OBS has a plugin called Advanced scene switcher and it has Days and time.

Is it something that can be Implemented?

Many thanks

Hello! John here from Support, could you post this as a feature request here

Hey @adam2 - Might not be totally ideal but I created a new condition to check the day of the week that you can use with the Scheduled Time trigger.

Current Day Condition.json (1.7 KB)

If you need some guidance on how to add this, check out How to install custom / user created Macros

Hi mate

Thanks for your help. I will look into that


Sure. Let me know how you get on and if you have any issues.

The way I have been trying to do it is like in pic by making a new macro for each day and my required times.
Because I cannot select any more scheduled times in one macro I have to convert say 2hrs into milliseconds.
Then run the next macro

Also I’m not sure if I should tick the box wait until done at the bottom of the macro

Hmm, so with the condition above to check the day, are you not able to do that? Maybe if you gave the list of actions you want to do included with schedule i might be able to give better recommendations

With OBS advanced scene Switcher plugin it is so easy to do this. As you can see in the pic.

Okay no promises but i’ll try and take a look in to this of friday and see what i can come up with

That would be fantastic if you could, I have just purchased the premium bundle license and this is sending me crazy.
We are moving from OBS due to issues.
We are still having to use it though atm, until we can work this out.
We are a legal FM community radio station which live video streams the DJs in action

Many thanks

Hi mate

Just an update I tried the Current day Json file I scheduled every single day 24/7, took me hours.

When I tested it this is what happened.
For example I have 7 day schedule and 3 of the days
Have 10am so tue wed and thurs
So say if its wednes it starts the Tuesday.

It seems it not seeing the days in the current day condition.

This is example of one of the slots

Okay if you’re nesting them in the condition, i have to make a slight adjustment. Ill do that and update it here

Does that mean I have to do all days and hours again?
Or can it be done Inside the actual macro itself?

And I do really appreciate your help, as I didnt say thankyou in the last post

First lets just try and get this condition working to see if it fits your needs. I’ve updated the macro condition such that the actions inside the condition will run if the condition is met.

Current Day Condition Improved.json (1.7 KB)

If this is all good and works as you expect, then yeah, it may mean you have to set up the macros again. The nice thing with doing it the condition approach is that you can have one macro per timeslot and then a condition for each day.

Ok thankyou very much, I will test and report back :wink:

Ok so I tested this.
I did Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Set all start times the same and it still also activated the other days.
It’s not seeing the actual day but just the scheduled times.
Is their anything you can do?


Could you send a screenshot of how you setup the macros? Then I’ll try replicate on my end.

Ok, so Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are the same start times. These are what I used when tested earlier.
It should only of kicked Thursday into action, but seems like it just pick the timed up only. It’s like the condition needs to also be an event and before the time.
So check the day, then the time
This was a basic setup to test