Major Problems With Broadcaster v4.3.2202.1226

My specs:
5900X -IF @1800Mhz
Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master
32GB DDR3600
Windows 11 21H2
OS Build 22000.613
Experience Feature Pack 1000.22000.613.0
Streamdeck XL w/Streamdeck add-in

I’ve had nothing but issues on Xsplit Broadcaster v4.3.2202.1226. Admin mode fails to load entirely (stuck at splash screen) then leads to a BSOD in Windows 11.

Scenes fail to transition properly from one to another, program locks up, mouse/cursor becomes very laggy for a few seconds, and the Broadcaster program crashes. This happens probably 75% of the time I try to transition scenes prior to going live with one of four attempts to transition scenes working properly.

Honestly, it was a crap shoot to even get the Broadcaster software to function at all. Load times were horrendous (assets polling from m.2 drive) and the above behavior occurred on an older 8700k (5.0Ghz OC) Z370 board as well as the above (brand new) 5900x build.

What is happening with your software? I hate to say this as I’ve already paid for a lifetime sub to Broadcaster…but I may be forced to use OBS moving forward due to it simply working without issue compared to Broadcaster.