Major resolution & camera quality issues Xplit Broadcaster + VCam!

I use Xsplit Broadcaster (3 month pro license) to broadcast live to YouTube using the VCam software as my video input source (lifetime license). However, even when I set my streaming resolution to be HD quality, and use HD-resolution background images as my VCam background, the background in my streams comes out extremely pixelated and low-quality. The background shows up MUCH worse quality than the resolution/quality of the picture I am inserting as the background when I view that file on its own in a gallery or Photoshop.

I have also noticed that in general, the Vcam auto-greenscreen feature is very poor at greenscreening and that my head, and hat constantly go in and our and blur black against my greenskin background, much worse than Zoom auto-greenskin for example (whenever I use Zoom, the backgrounds stay crisp and high-resolution, and I also merge in and out of my backgrounds less). I have a high-end computer.

I am thinking that perhaps the quality issues come from VCam rather than Broadcaster because the background already seems low-quality and pixelated in the Vcam preview viewer even before I start using Broadcaster . I am getting frustrated, regretting purchasing VCam and Broadcaster , and am close to giving up and using some other software. Can anyone help me to get VCam and Broadcaster to stop being garbage quality visually for my streams?

Again, I suspect that VCam is the culprit because it degrades my background images so badly even inside the VCam viewer, but here are my XSplit streaming settings for YouTube: codex x264, bitrate 4300, mode CBR, 1920 x 1080 @ 30 FPS, video output for VCam at 1920 x 1080 with ARBG 32.

My VCam uses an HD webcam and has hardware acceleration and quality controls both set to automatic. The background looks crappy in VCam no matter what I try.


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Hi! There are some factors that can help with the quality of VCam’s captured image. We recommend referring to the tips shown here:

If it’s still having problems, we’d like to see how your setup looks. Please send us a screenshot of how the VCam window looks when it’s set to the Original Background.

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It doesn’t send like that would help with the sharpness of the background / greenscreen image, but I will give this a shot in the next day or two and report back.

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