Make Old Versions Available for Download

VCam seems to get less stable with each update. Is there somewhere we can get old versions, so we can rollback to working versions? Since the last update I’m getting repeated “Cam Not Available” errors in both Meet and Zoom, and I have to login to VCam every system reboot. Prior to this version I was getting crashes after background changes, and Cam Not Available errors in Zoom. The version before that seemed to work fine. This seems to be a recurring problem with each update cycle.


Hello! That’s a good option especially for those who just really like how VCam is in the version they’re already using without having to be forced to update! You should definitely add that to our feature upvote page:

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I believe just like myself he wanted to know where to download older versions as with the updates this is broken and i’m not getting my $$ worth as i got a license for myself and one as a gift and regretting it right about now!!
any link for older builds?

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Unacceptable!!! 4 hrs trying to get this to work after the damn update and no go!! i want my money back! upgrades are supposed to improve and fix things, not break things that where already working and no i’m not going to jump hoops and work to get it working you should at least have the old ones available for DL.
I know i’m not the only one by reading this forum so you guys screwed this one up.
So I want an answer a working product (1 week window) or my money back!!

Software used for Cam
DroidCam 6.3.1 -
working Xplit - 1.2.2004.2201 no longer available
non working xplit’s -2.0.2008.2201 and also recent 2.0.2008.2502 non working!

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Sorry to hear that you have encountered an issue after updating to the latest version, for the previous version we can provide you this download link

With the issue you have encountered, can you provide further details on this so we can look into it?

What else do you need, OS Windows 10 2004
it’s as simple as i wrote it.
Device : Google Pixel 4a
Older version was working, once I update to the new one it can find the cam and detects during installation, shows the cam on the menu on top of the screen section but that’s it, on my previous post I provided the software i use.

If I revert back to the old 1.2 all works as intended, if I update again same problem
Tested 4 times, uninstalling old version and installing after a clean install and reboot and also using the auto update within the program itself
Pretty sure you can reproduce it, I have the pro version of Droidcam but that just removes the watermark so you can test with the free version which I also tested and the same outcome hence the 4 times 2 with free and 2 with pro version.!xplit no cam found

What I don’t get is why push an update without proper testing, clearly as per the forum there is many different problems with that update breaking stuff, so why push it as a stable release? makes no sense.

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We pushed an update last night to fix an issue where cameras in certain formats weren’t working. I’ve just tested using DroidCam and everything seems to be fine.

I am also experiencing issues with the new update to VCam. I usually send the feed from Xsplit into Logi Capture, where I can do what I need to do for sharing screens with camera overlay, switch input sources, etc etc. Since the new update, Xsplit no longer appears as an input source within Logi Capture software

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We do apologize for the inconvenience, this is currently a known issue where the latest version of VCam do not work on Logitech Capture. For now it is advised to use the older version of VCam which is v1.2 where it uses directshow filter that works on Logitech Capture.

@gazreyn What’s the update version so I can test it?

Please confirm, I re dowloaded the latest as per post below from @Moriones, still the same issue.

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You can get the latest version here

@Moriones Is that the same version that @gazreyn is referring to with the pushed update for my possible fix?

Yes, it should be as it is the latest version of VCam

Then i’m back to square 1…

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yes in new version it cant use with obs streamlabs, i already told with chat to their site, but no solutions till now