Map VCAm over Citrix HDX

Hi, i try to get the VCam into a Citrix Xenapp Session (win2019, Citrix 71912 CU1). This goes over Citrix Workspace app with HDX enable Engine. VCam works with SkypeforBusiness, Zoom and MS Teams if i start there apps. But not if i would map directly into Chrome browsersession an join there a meetings over WebRTC. I looks like, that the VCam is not regonized fine, it not works as a USB Webcam (wiches i can map directly in to the session aso, Logitech).

Any suggestion for that? May there is somewhere a hardware driver for that like written in hXXps://

? Or any other Idea?

Hi! The VCam PTR version in that link is older than the current release – it’s at Version 2.0.2008.2502. The current version downloadable from the VCam website is at 2.0.2011.1701

What version number does it show on yours if you go to Help > About inside the XSplit VCam window?