MIDI or DMX output?

I am looking to broadcast a prerecord video show on a sreen and at some stage of the video controling dmx light. I have 3 way to do that :
1 send dmx out signal to daslight4 over artnet
2 send midi out signal to my daslight4 over some tobias software
3 send multiple midi in signal to daslight and xplit at the same time " if xplit understand midi in signal " over some tobias software ( may be not very stable and realy not my favorite solution )
Is there any plug-in or special setting to do that directly from xplit software ? Or do i have to find an other way to do that.
happy new year all

I’m unfamiliar with DMX. As for MIDI, XSplit Broadcaster is limited to outputting videos as MP4’s or FLV’s.

I gone try a macro midi to shortcut key and see if that is working well

Alright. Let us know how that goes!