Monitor will occasionally black out

Hello, I am using an ElGato HD60 Pro as a way of connecting my Switch to my PC to allow video capture for streaming.

At the other end of the connection is an ASUS monitor where the Switch displays.

If I play on my Switch without XSplit Broadcaster running, everything is fine and I can play on my Switch normally without any trouble.

However, when XSplit is actively running (whether streaming or not), at random intervals the ASUS monitor will black out for at least 10-15 seconds, then come back on and operate normally.

As the issue only surfaces when XSplit is running, something must be going on there. I’ve tried re-installs, all my drivers are up to date, I’ve tried swapping HDMI cables in and out, nothing has helped so far.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Hi! If the cables are working fine, it should have no problem displaying on your monitor. The first thing to check would be your video processing mode. What do you currently have set for that?

If it’s on Legacy, try changing that to Prefer GPU – then Prefer CPU if that still has the flickering problem.

Ah hah! Thank you for that. It was on Legacy and I have switched to Prefer GPU. Will test and let you know. Thank you for the reply!

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Well, I’ve tested many times since my last reply… unfortunately the black outs continued to occur for all 3 modes: Legacy, GPU preferred, CPU preferred. :frowning:

Any other ideas?

We’ll check first if you need to do any updating in the XSplit app. What version number does it show if you go to Help > About in your XSplit Broadcaster window?

You can also try reinstalling the Elgato driver and checking if you have any pending updates for your GPU driver.


I’ve re-installed Elgato software (and drivers), and according to GeForce Experience, I am up to date on GPU drivers (461.40). In case it matters, my GPU is a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB.

XSplit Broadcaster reports the following:
XSplit v.4.0 (4.0.2007.2907)
Broadcaster 1.4.2007.803 (RE3)

There are no plugin updates available.

Does the issue persist if you change your monitor’s refresh rate?