Mouse not working after I start streaming

Trying to broadcast Resident evil 3 on twitch and as soon as I start to record, my mouse stops working. The pointer itself moves around but nothing registers. Click or even camera control.

Anyone have this issue?

You’re 100% sure it’s the moment you click record? Are you clicking record in the app itself or from the in-game HUD or gamebar?

I’m clicking record using the in-game hud i guess? I hit ctrl-tab and the hud comes up, I hit stream, asks me the title of the game to put out on stream, click ok and I’m recording. When go back to the game, all mouse interactions stop, besides being able to move the cursor itself.

Hi there, may I ask what game is being captured when this issue happened? And, when you mentioned interactions stop using the mouse do you mean toggling icons on the game or only in the in-game hud of XSplit

Resident Evil 3. The remake.

The mouse works when I bring the in game hud up, but any interaction in the game has completely stopped. Camera control even stops working.

I see, does the same issue happen on the other games? Or, only game like Resident Evil 3. The Remake

Also, are you planing the game through Steam? If yes, can you do a test with Steam overlay disabled?

Just tried it with Bioshock infinite and it works fine. Seems to be only an issue with Resident Evil 3 hmm.

Both games are with steam.

Could you do a test with Steam overlay disabled for the game RE 3 Remake? Make sure to relaunch the game and XSplit after doing so

Still the same problem after disabling steam overlay. I also tried to play the game after stopping the stream and mouse interactions are still not working.

Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be?

@matthew.guess74 Update on this, we were able to confirm the issue and current work around we found is to disable the In-Game HUD on XSplit Gamecaster Advanced settings. Can you try this out on your end and see if it works for you?