MP4 & MP3 media files not loading/playing

I’ve had multiple, if not all scenes with backgrounds and/or looping media files no longer playing upon entering the scene. This happened occasionally with the update at the end of September and now no media files play on and scenes. I’ve attempted creating fresh presentations with other media files and have gotten the same result.

Anyone else running into this issue?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know if it is the same as you, but I have some mp4 files as intro/outro for my stream and when I click on that scene the file won’t load. And when I check the properties, it says the file is missing, althoug the directory and the file are OK.

I selected manually, change to another scene and when I return, the same. It doesn’t matter if the source in the scene is locked or not.

Hi! I just tried adding an MP3 source to my own empty presentation and it’s playing as normal. Can you send some screenshots of your MP4 and MP3 files’ properties as XSplit Broadcaster sources?

At first, it was both of those files that failed. Now, just only the one in the bottom.
In the settings of the source, you’ll see that it is searching for it in the folder that currently is.
I link it again. It works. I switch to another scene and return to that one and again, the file is missing

Hi there, can you try using the PTR version of XSplit Broadcaster which you can get here

After installing the PTR version make sure to update the plugins aswel that you can fine in Tools > My Plugins of XSplit