Is there a way to stream to multiple platforms using Gamecaster? The help section keeps bringing me to Broadcaster and I don’t have a way of manually setting an output. It seems very straight-forward in Broadcaster to either stream to multiple things at once with a paid license or to something like restream dot io.

I was particularly looking to connect with restream for ease of use or be able to broadcast to multiple sources at once in Gamecaster itself (I only really use facebook, twitch and youtube anyhow).

Thank you!


So we will actually be looking in to some kind of re-stream functionality, most likely by utilizing - I don’t have any specifics on this but it’s most certainly on our radar and is also a suggested feature on the feature vote page -

Hi There,

Can you include into consideration too? ALthough I think if custom rtmp for restream works, it should work with castr too. But it would be the greatest thing to ever happen in Gamecaster history if you make custom rtmp up and running. More power to your team.

So, there’s not a way to multi-stream using gamecaster?