Multi track audio recording

I’d like to create an A/V file which uses a pre-recorded piano accompaniment for me while I play an instrumental solo. It sounds as if I can do this using the Multiple audio tracks feature. I would create the piano accompaniment, save it, and then play the flute live via microphone input while the piano accompaniment would come through the speakers. Then I could put them together. Is that correct?

Hi! The multi-track audio feature is for separating the audio of a recording. You can check this page for more info about that:

Based on this description though, your intended setup looks doable. You can add multiple different sound files as media file sources in the XSplit Broadcaster scene, as shown here:

An intelligent audio capture tool from AudFree supports multi-track audio recording. Also, it gives the ability to split, trim, merge, edit audio recordings.

I found Joyoshare VidiKit powerful as well. Its built-in audio recorder is able to capture both internal and external sound. I can edit what I record by changing ID3tags, cutting, etc.