Multiple Shots with One Camera

I’ve heard of people doing live streams with one camera and having different shots they could switch to. For example, one shot may be full body, the second shot may be waist up, and a third shot may be a close up of his face.

I assume it’s different scenes with different levels of zoom applied in each scene. I know how to do that in Premiere, but how is it done in Xsplit?

I think they’re scaling 1080 down to 720, but I’m not sure how that works either.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

There’s two ways of achieving this I suppose. One is to use a PTZ camera which is a hardware device that is mechanical and can reposition and zoom itself programatically.

Right now, the best way to achieve a “zoom effect” in Broadcaster is to use cropping. Here’s a short video, utilizing cropping and also scene presets to make a zoom effect.

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Thank you! I actually have the Obsbot Tail AI which will follow me everywhere I go. However, I don’t think specific shots can be pre-set. Your info will get me started though. Thanks again!