Multiple video feeds and bandwidth

I tried to live stream on YT and FB and my GPU shot up to 100% and froze after about a minute. I have a new Lenovo legion gaming laptop, i7 10th gen,16GB ram, nvidia RTX 2060 card… so it’s not a slow computer.

Now, I had the same source on multiple scenes that had 3 of the same videos as sources on maybe 6 difference scenes. Does it take the bandwidth of each of the 3 video feeds (mine and 2 guests) on each scene multiplied by 6, or does that matter? Trying to figure out what happened. I was using the NDI feature for 2 guests via skype. Skype was also being streamed on my host laptop (everything was running on this laptop). I can’t find anything that tells us what effects bandwidth, yet it says you can have unlimited scenes, etc. Please help!

Hi! Something quick to try with those Skype NDI sources: Do you have Keep source in memory enabled in each NDI source’s properties?

Keep Source

Hey there! Thanks so much. I think that was it. Basically I overloaded my system with a bunch of feeds kept in the memory. Ha. Man… I love the system but getting used to all the nuance things like this.