My Full HD 1080P Webcam isn't Working


I just bought an HD 1080P Webcam. On my desktop PC, the power light comes on when I plug it into a USB port.
The message “Windows can’t find your camera” appears when I click the Windows key and choose “camera”. The webcam is supposed to be plug-and-play.
I can see the camera in the device manager.All three items have exclamation points. Whenever I attempt to install driver updates for my camera in the device manager, I get the error message that Windows cannot install the drivers due to an error.
Version 1903 of Windows 10 Home is installed on my computer.

I will have two video depositions I need to make on Wednesday and Thursday, so I need this camera to work by the middle of next week.

Please accept my thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: