My headset with built in mic sounds like I am talking in a tin can and so

I was wondering if anyone had some affordable recommendations? Btw I want a full headset and not some clip on ear mic or similar. I am in Canada and in the wonderful province of Ontario with a 15% sales tax so yeah factor that in if you give linked recommendations. Finally the headset I am using is a Sony PS4 Gold headset and yes I knew it would sound like it did when I decided to use it for pc too but is there anything that can be done with it with some sort of software to modify the sound so it isn’t so bad?

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I understand you’re looking for a solution to your PS4 Gold Headset Microphone quality to improve.

You are correct, the Microphone from the Gold Headset is bad (i have one too and i must say it isn’t the best choice if you are aiming to have good voice quality during your streams)

Hmmm we do not have official recommendations on what you can use to somehow improve the quality of your mic, but you might wanna try apps like “voicemeterbanana”

There are countless guides and articles on the web you can find on how they are able to somehow improve the quality of their microphones using this free application.

Of course, the best option still would be to invest on Headsets with microphones designed for PC livestreaming, but i understand you would like to save as much as possible.

Other people might see this thread and share their suggestions too so let’s wait :slight_smile:

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