My microphone is not working on Google Meet. Please help me


My name is Amy Garcia, I’m an independent Advisor and community member. I having a problem about Google Meet. I can hear people very well but they can’t hear me. or they hear me like my microphone is constantly muting and unmuting. Is it because of a problem with Google Meet that this is happening because of my settings error? To find a solution to this problem, I tried watching a lot of videos on YouTube, but did not see the right solution, can you tell.

Thanks in advance.

With the help of some forums, and youtube video. I came to know about these things, which I tried to solve my problem by doing this, then this truth may prove to be helpful for me.

Before the meeting, I went to by clicking on Settings General
After the meeting started, clicked More Settings on Audio.
Choose the setting I had to choose Microphone—After selecting your microphone device.
Speakers—Choose your speakers.
To test your speakers, click Test.

But I was disappointed because I could not test my microphone with all these settings. Then, after some troubleshooting, I got some test websites for online testing, out of which I liked website more, this website does my test without any registration.

Hi there! Based on your information it seems that there is a problem on your microphone device. I advise having it looked into and make sure it is properly connected. Or, try using a different microphone.