My thoughts on the new XGC

First off, This is purely base on my opinion so I don’t really expect anyone to agree with me. But I like some of the features on the old XGC and would really hate to see them removed in the new one. So I hope the devs will take what I write here into consideration.

  1. When putting up your download links, would be great to let us know that its a beta version beforehand. I downloaded it thinking that its a new version and I damn near felt like pulling my hair out when I saw it is beta (with a some features from the old XGC not there).

  2. In the old XGC, I can crtl+Tab and do on-screen settings changes to things like the game overlay for live chat. I especially appreciate the fact that I can set the live chat to either show only in my game , or to show in my live stream, or both. I’m not sure whether this is still a feature in the XGC v4, but if it isn’t, please don’t remove this feature.

I do like the fact that you added a feature where I can set the live chat to pop up for a few seconds then disappear (according to our preferences). So this is a plus IMHO.

  1. On-screen adjustments of my webcam vid capture seems to have been removed from the ctrl+Tab during game play. I noted I can open the XGC v4 to adjust but the screen doesn’t show my current game sessions so I can’t adjust the position of the webcam vid capture accordingly.

I’m not sure whether this is just a issue with my system or the XGC v4 is made this way, but I hope you guys would take a look into this.

Also, again in V3 I can set on-the-fly on whether I want my webcam vid capture to appear in-game, or in live streaming or both. Hope you guys will keep it in V4.

  1. in XGC v3, when I ctrl+Tab, I can on-the-fly enable or disable Voice recording as well as Vid recording. This seems to be missing in XGC v4. Again, I like that I can do this on the fly during live streaming so I hope you guys will keep this alive in V4.

  2. Not really complaining on this one. The added feature for Donate to paypal is a Nice feature. Keep up the good work.

I think thats it from me. Overall, I like XGC, SO I hope the devs will consider user feedback from me.