NDI monitor source not updating

I have just switched from OBS to Xsplit and am glad to have full integration with Facebook. I do wish that I had the same number of options for program control on Touch Portal as I did for OBS.
My problem - I am bringing in as a source the projected output from another computer on the network via NDI. This scene is not automatically updating - so, I have had to go to the scene on the computer, right click and refresh.
Am I missing a setting somewhere.

I’ve just tried to repeat on my end and can’t. The source automatically shows when I start sending a feed to it through NDI. What is your current version of XSplit Broadcaster?

It’s the latest version 4.
I’m running Powerpoint on the second computer and it does not always update.
So, if I switch to another scene move powerpoint forward and then return to the scene it shows the previous slide that was active. The same was true on OBS unless I used multiview output to another monitor. I have set up a scene with four cameras and powerpoint at the bottom and Live scene at top.
The other four scenes all include sources that are NDI cameras.