NDI versus a capture Card

Hello everyone! Is anyone using NDI to live stream, using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera on a single pc, without using a capture card? Thank you! Looking for instructions, if a USB cable is needed, or HDMI works?

Many thanks!


Hi there, for better quality and stability the use of capture card is recommended. Through NDI the stability would not be that good due to it still relying on your network connection so some issues might be encountered.

If you would be using NDI and if your device is able to output NDI then as long as your PC that has XSplit and your device is in the same network then XSplit should be able to capture the NDI output from your device.

If you would be using a capture card then you would need an HDMI and USB cable to connect your capture card to your PC

Much appreciated! I have been using a capture card for a long time now and heard about the NDI may be even better, less latency and clear image. Though… I appreciate you!