Need Settings recomendations


I’m using VCam with OBS Studio for Twitch streaming and putting in a small head cam overlay with the background removed. I’m not getting great performance and can get some major frame rate drops as the stream progresses.
I’m using a Ryzen 2600, a 1660 TI and 16 Gig of ram. The Webcam is a generic 1080p camera and OBS is using the camera at 720p. At the moment Vcam is using the default settings.
What would you recommend? I’ve read that maybe I should set it to low, but should the processor being doing the encoding or should it be the graphics card? The 1660 does have the Nvidia Nvenc encoder built in. What’s the current situation with AMD processors?

Hi there, is it only the VCam source added on OBS getting the frame rate drop issue? Does it look fine when in VCam app preview?

Slight misunderstanding, The frame rate drop is in the core game, in this case Call of Duty Warzone.
I can get a steady 60 FPS with a simple head cam overlay box. But if I use Vcam with background removal the frame rate can after 10 - 15 minutes drop to the 20s. I’ve also had the head overlay die and just show the XSplit Vcam logo.
I was thinking it was a system resource thing, hence the question about settings and using the processor or graphics card for the app.

Have you tried lowering the resolution of your webcam to 720p 60fps? Have you tried changing your XSplit VCam Hardware Acceleration setting to CPU, dedicated GPU or integrated GPU? Is your webcam connected to a USB 3.0 port or a USB hub?
USB 3.0 ports are indicated as color blue.

@Paonda Can you confirm that using a dedicated GPU is an option?

@paul.g.bushell Similar build, same card, same game, same issues. That’s why If Paonda can confirm dedicated GPU will work that is my plan for a workaround. GL!

Hi! Yes, you can select a dedicated GPU in XSplit VCam’s Hardware acceleration settings.

Dedicated GPU