Network Drives not available?

I just downloaded Xsplit broadcaster and went to add in a media source but it’s not showing any of my mapped network drives. Is there a way to get Xsplit to use the network drives I already have mapped within Windows?

Hey @abishurp

did you run your broadcaster as administrator? Does this also happen to your other applications running where the mapped network does not show up?

I have tried running broadcaster as an administrator and regularly and I cannot see any of my mapped network drives running on XSplit | Broadcaster V 4.0.2007.2903. I can see them in any other program I run.

Hi! We’d encountered someone else who had a similar problem. They did tell us they found this workaround:

I went to the save location settings, found the actual network drive, and mapped it to local PC (inside XSplit settings) again.

Now I’m able to save my local recordings directly to my NAS drives.

I figured out the issue. For some reason xsplit always runs with elevated privileges regardless of whether or not you tell it to run as administrator. Windows 10 has had an error for several years now with mapped drives correctly displaying when you’re doing something as an administrator. The only practical solution is to remap the drives as mentioned above, but a solution from the xsplit team would be to stop running xsplit with elevated privileges unless I tell it to run as administrator. Something they should probably be doing regardless.

Hi there, yes at the moment XSplit Broadcaster automatically launch with elevated privileges or run as administrator. With regards to this, we do understand your concern with having XSplit run as non-admin and what I can recommend for now is to send this as a feature request or for improvement here