New proxy issue from most recent upgrade

As of the most recent release, there seems to be a new process (I’m assuming to check license status) which is causing a proxy error page to be displayed instead of my video. I can see my video if I click on the client screen that displays the proxy error (obviously the raw camera preview image without background replacement) so this is not a hardware issue.

Referrer seems to direct the Xsplit client to do a GET request to the URL h_t_t_p_s_file/base64/. The problem is that this call is also proxied and “file” is not resolvable in DNS.

Is there a workaround available for this issue?

Obviously you see I had to work around the URL block but those actually read https:// for each URL

Hi @networkingb, https://file/base64/ This may be the cause of the issue and our developers are looking into this. I’ll let you know when we have updates.