New update doesn't work with LogiCapture?

Hi, so for the last several months I have been able to tell XsplitVcam to get the feed from my LogiCapture program but this new update 2.0.2008.2201 it suddenly doesn’t work? It asks me to shut LogiCapture down.

I like using Logicapture as it as multiple features, I only really use Vcam to put in a background and set my LogiCapture to use vcam.

I guess the main question is if something happened with this last update that stops this connection? and if so is it at all possible to download the previous vcam update anywhere?


Please see Logi Capture not available as input to VCam

I have the exact same problem.

Hi! Please see this link for more info regarding this

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i was likewise surprised and disappointed that the upgrade to v2 broke my process to record videos.


Did anyone get to the bottom of this issue? I have reviewed the forum link posted in gazreyn’s post above, but that describes the reverse situation (i.e. that link describes trying to use logicapture as a soruce in xsplit vcam). What I am trying to do is load xsplit vcam as the source in LogiCapture (as I used to be able to do prior to the most recent update and as Logitech describe in a video with youtube and a booklet with the camera) but it no longer appears as a source in LogiCapture.

Many thanks for any pointers!

I had the same issue. I uninstalled the latest version of Xsplit and reinstalled the previous so it was able to work as a source in Logicapture. This really is a bummer, since the improvements in the newer version of Xsplit were good. I hope they are able to fix this issue fast to be able to install once again the newer version.

Hi guys! The new version of VCam utilizes the kernel driver instead of directshow. This is the reason why Logicapture is unable to recognize VCam 2.0 as a source unlike before.

Do not worry, as our devs are looking into this. We’ll let you know once we have an update. In the meantime, you may download and install VCam 1.2 which will work with Logicapture (please uninstall version 2.0 first before installing this one, and vice-versa)

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this response!

I just went to use VCam as input to Logi Capture and I found this issue. I do like the 2.x version better than 1.2 so I would rather not go backwards. How will you let us know this issue has been resolved?

@StanGreen I’ll make sure to post here when this issue is fixed :slight_smile:

any news on the update? It’s quiete a big problem and has taken some time to be fixed


Hey Lorenz and XSplit Team,
are there any news about XSplit and implementation in Logitech Capture?

I have to use VCam for my university teaching together Logitech Capture (Powerpoint or programs in my Background). Please let me know, if you have any News.

All best

Are there any updates? I just bought the license, assuming it works with Logitech. The new version is really an improvement - probably wouldn’t have bought it in the old version…

This is really disappointing Xsplit. I’m in the middle of a project, and missing my deadline. I specifically went and bought a Logitech Webcam for this.

As per your recommendation to go back to Ver 1.2, I did so and since installing it, my machine is performing so slow that I can use it now with Logicapture but as soon as I start recording, the performance is so slow that the audio follows between 2 - 3 seconds after the video. And I have changed mics etc.

This issue has been going on for over 2 months…what is being done to fix this?

Alternatively, which program can I use instead of Logicapture that is simple and offers the screen split functionality?


Hi XSplit Team and @cheesyrambo,

As others have noted, we are looking for what is the plan to enable us to use Logitech Capture with VCam as a source. This is a big loss of many people, so we would like to have some reassurance that XSpit understands the issue and has it on the roadmap to be addressed. If you could provide some type of timeline that would even be better.


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Any news on this? There must be many, many people affected.

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Hi all,

Apologies for the issue. I cannot give a timeline for this at the moment, but the fix is already planned and should be available in a Logitech Capture update. I’ll make sure to let you guys know asap if there’s an update on the issue.

Hi! The latest version of Logitech Capture (2.04.13) can now detect VCam 2.0. :slight_smile:

I can also confirm that Logitech Capture (2.04.13) and XSplit VCam (2.0.2011.1701) now work together. HAPPY DAY!