New Update Problem

program doesnt work in Paltalk after update

Hi! We’ll need to clarify how it’s not working. Is it not selectable at all in Paltalk, or is it selectable but showing an error message?

After the update, XSplit is selectable on Paltalk but unable to broadcast. It does not show any cam view other than Xsplit logo and web link.
I have two different >PC systems and this bug occur on those two as well.

Hi there, can you provide screenshot of what you see on your end while trying to use XSplit on Paltak?

May I also ask which version of XSplit Broadcaster are you using?

When I select any camera individually, Paltalk shows that without any problem. But this does not work with XSplit. Also Vmix software works flawlessly.

My versions is the latest since XSplit updates automatically.

This is the screenshot of Vmix broadcasting on Paltalk.

We’ll need to get some more details about that. Does it also show those bars inside the XSplit Broadcaster window, or does that only happen specifically when you select XSplit Broadcaster as a camera in Paltalk? Does it still happen if you create a new presentation in XSplit Broadcaster then re-add the sources?

It shows just bars. Also I tried to decrease resolution and framerate but nothing has changed.
I created new presentation and there were no changes either.

Please provide information about on this particular page that might solve the problem on Paltalk.
This is screenshot of my XSplit settings page

With regards to Paltalk we have found an issue there where it seems to be showing the webcam above/before the selected webcam. Could you try selecting the webcam before or after XSplit Broadcaster in the list of camera in Paltalk and see if it works?

It didn’t work. Even Paltalk updated but still XSplit not working on my two different PCs with similar cam setup.

Does it still have the same problem if you try running this PTR version with Paltalk?

Thanks for you quick respond.
As you mentioned I installed PTR version and checked Paltalk nothing changed.
Then I uninstalled both paltalk and all versions of XSplit then rebooted my PC.
Afterwards Paltalk and PTR Xsplit softwares installed once more and then checked but again there was no image.

Here is the screenshot below while PTR selected.

Here is the screenshot below while vMix selected.

After checking some more on our end, I’m seeing that the devs are aware of some problems with Paltalk and they’re currently looking into it.


Hi, Any improvement has been made on Paltalk?
On my side did not see any changes.

the problem im having is with aspect ratio it’s all out of wack as shown in the image
three or four updates ago it was working fine havent been able to use xsplit for over half a year on paltalk please fix this or allow me to download older versions of the program

yes the problem is still present in the PTR version

Hi! Just to rule out if it’s specific to the current version of VCam: Do you still have that problem if you run the previous version downloadable from here?

uninstalled the newer vcam and installed the older one you directed me to but still the problem persist

Hi! We recommend contacting Support via live chat for further troubleshooting with this. Please reach out to them at:

What was the outcome of this issue XSplit not working properly or at all in Paltalk? (Following)