No capture card detected

I am trying to get a signal from my PS4 and/or Switch to my PC using Gamecaster. It worked fine a couple months ago. Been trying to find a fix with no luck. In Settings>Devices, it says ‘No capture card is detected’. I am using an Elgato HD60 (original version).

The device still works fine, as I loaded up Elgato’s software and the consoles’ signals showed up perfectly fine on the PC.

Why would Gamecaster not show the signal? Is it a USB thing? The only change I have made is a new monitor. The old monitor had older USB ports, and that was where I happened to have the Elgato plugged into. I only have USB 3.1 ports now


Hi there, BlackKnight!

Just to clarify, you are using the HD60 version (not the HD60S) right?

Gamecaster V4 currently supports USB 3.0 capture cards. The HD60 is a USB 2.0 capture card device, which is why the app is unable to detect it.

This, however, is currently under consideration by our devs. You may upvote for this feature in this link:

We’ll be here anytime should you have other questions. Stay safe!

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Actually just an update here, it’s very possible we’ll add support for USB 2.0 capture cards is the very near future. We’ve provided some options in app to set audio delays which was a prerequisite to adding USB 2.0 support as the majority of devices have delay. 2.0 is currently in testing.

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Thanks for the replies. It was hard to find info on it, so that’s why I needed to ask here. ANd yes, it’s the Elgato HD60 (minus the S)

Follow up question - since it is the USB ports and needing 2.0 support, is it possible to use a 2.0 USB hub to plug into my PC and use the Elgato with Xsplit that way? I would have tested it myself, but I can’t find one in my house atm.

The only reason I ask is that I had the Elgato plugged into my old monitor, which had USB 2.0, I believe. Xsplit was working when it was plugged into that. Sadly, the old monitor died last week, and no way to test that theory out again. :frowning:

Hi again, BlackKnight

To answer your question, if you are referring to both HD60 and Gamecaster, right now that may not work. Allow me to explain :slight_smile:

When we say that Gamecaster V4 currently only supports USB 3.0 capture cards, this means the capture card itself should support the USB 3.0 interface for the V4 app to recognize it as a compatible device.

• The HD60 (your capture card) only supports uses the USB 2.0 interface.
• The HD60S however, uses the USB 3.0 interface. This device is compatible with Gamecaster.

So your computer and your capture card should meet these two conditions to work with Gamecaster V4 right now:
• A computer with a USB 3.0 port
• A capture card that uses the USB 3.0 interface

As of this writing, your HD60 capture card is not (yet) compatible with Gamecaster V4. (but as Gazreyn has mentioned, this feature is currently being tested and if things go well, should be coming soon so worry not :slight_smile: )

Important note: We highly recommend not to use any USB hubs to connect your capture card, USB hubs are known to cause performance lags and issues especially for devices that usually requires more power to work (like capture cards) Please connect your devices directly to your PC. :slight_smile:

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Understood. Fingers crossed that the testing works!

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Let’s hope so! We won’t have to wait for too long :smiley: