No HUD widget chat

Are there any tips or tricks to get the HUD Widget to show chat messages? Maybe it only works with Twitch and not YouTube? All the widgets seems to think I am offline.
I do get the chat messages in the Stream Dashboard, but onscreen would have been nice. :slight_smile:

Hi! Your YouTube Live chat should be displaying in those widgets – the Stream Dashboard indicates that it’s connected and being detected by XSplit Broadcaster.

We’ll need to clarify that some more though: Are you referring to the pinned chat widget in the In-game HUD, or is this the Stream Chat Viewer plugin?

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Hi, thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:
it is the pinned widgets in the HUD that looks like nothing is connecte. I haven’t seen or installed “Stream Chat Viewer” but I will have a look at that as well.
I have 3 accounts on YT, a main account that I doesn’t use for uploading or streaming and then two “Brand accounts”, maybe that is the reason that I am using one of the two brand accounts?

Yes, that is correct. The HUD would only be able to connect and view one YouTube account at a time in the pinned widgets.

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Right now, YouTube is disabled in the in-game HUD due to a bug we had a short while back where it was causing YouTube to stop working across the entire app.

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thanks for the info. :slight_smile: