No image but webcam detected

I am using VCam but whilst my webcam is detected as a fixed webcam and the light is on, no image appears on my screen. I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this. Thank you in advance for your assistance. :slight_smile:

Hi! Let’s make sure first that you’re on the current version of VCam. What version number does it show if you go to Help > About inside the XSplit VCam window?

We’ll also need to clarify some more: What specific brand/model of webcam are you using as the camera source in VCam?

Hello Batolomew - Thank you for getting back to me. :slight_smile: I have version 2.0.2011.1701. My computer is a HP laptop and my camera is a HP HD fixed webcam that is built into my PC.

We’ll check first if any drivers should be reinstalled or updated, please send over a copy of your MSINFO32 file:

Here are screen shots of my MSinfo. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.

Could you also send us screenshot of the Display tab in Components? Or, send us the save copy of the MSINFO

It seems that I am unable to upload any file that is not a JPEG. Could you please advise me how to get my saved MSINFO file across to you?

You can send it as a compressed .zip file instead.

It only allows the upload of JPEG and image files. Any more ideas please?

Send it directly to Support using the Send a file button in the Support chat widget:

I cannot see a support chat widget and I have used the search bar to search “send a file.”

The Support live chat is this blue icon at the very lower-right of that page:


I can see an icon for Discord but not the one in that image. Is there not a direct e-mail address that I can use?

You can send an email to:

Thank you for that. I e-mailed this afternoon. :slight_smile: I apologise for the slow response but unfortunately, I caught the coronavirus and was too ill to be concerned with this.

I have yet to receive any response to the e-mail provided. Is there an alternative one or another way that I can contact someone? I look forward to your response.

We’ll double-check that with the Support team. What email address did you use to contact them?

I used the address estelleperry (at) ymail . com

Alright. Support had sent an email response to that address around January 3rd, they’ve just sent another message to that email as well.

Is there an anti-virus or some program that could be blocking access to your camera?