Noob... totally befuddled ... please help

Hi, I’m not a gamer … maybe I’m in the wrong place. I bought a logitec webcam with a one year free licence which I have redeemed so I have an account which says I am licensed to use the software until August next year. I want to record myself playing guitar from two separate angles - one on the webcam and one on my camera (via IV Cam). I have managed to get both cameras working and recording but they are recording as one stream … as it appears on my desktop. I want to be able to edit the subsequent output (two videos I’m thinking … cam 1, cam 2) into one chronologically coherent single video whilst switch between both cameras.

In the bottom right of the screen there are different … ehhh … scenes? Desktop, Pre-Presentation, Presenter, etc. (which i am guessing is the key to this) and there is also a plus sign… if I click on that it says I need to buy a licence??

Can someone help me out here and get me started down a more fruitful road.


Hi there, this should be possible using the latest version of XSplit Broadcaster which you can get here

If you are planning to record the two webcam feed in a different file it should be possible, to do so go to Recording tab then select Setup a new recording output then select the scene where you have your Camera 1. Then create a new Recording output again for Camera 2.

After doing so, you can start both Recording at the same time. With this you would have two recorded video for both Camera

OK - this is great - I’ve got it working thanks. I’ve still got a problem creating new scenes … it seems to think I’m not licensed but I am … who can I contact about this ?

Try logging out of XSplit Broadcaster then logging in again – it may need to refresh your active license status.

Thanks - that worked :slight_smile: