*NOT WORKING* Game Capture - Auto Detect (Broadcaster)

i have been using xsplit broadcaster for 2 weeks now with no issue.

today after the warzone update I go to stream and im getting black screened with the game capture auto detect.

I have never had this problem before, I have no other software running that could cause this.

ive tried:

uninstalling and installing xsplit- still black screened
unisntalling and reinstalling battle net - still black screened
uninstalling and reinstalling warzone - still black screened

and finally i just uninstalled and reinstalled windows and STILL getting black screen with Game Capture.

I’m at my wits end trying to diagnos the problem.

has anyone else ran into this issue before ? any help would be great.

thank you

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i get same issue on cs:Go years ago. ı only can use screen capture when ı play cs go. after if u can change cs go lunch optıon on steam ıt wıll be work. but ı dont know how ıs gonna work on warzone maybe u can try smart screen capture. or maybe u can check battle.net clıent for some optıon change like steam cs go

i have the exact same issue here, i can use other software and it will game capture MW/WZ but broadcaster… nope… nothing…i also have been trying to troubleshoot, also re installed windows… the same thing.

My guess is that it is Warzone server side. they did the season 5 update and that is when the Xsplit black screen started. All my other games are being seen through Game Capture Auto Detect.

Activison may have implemented something in the season 5 update that bugs out DX12 Game Captures. for what reason? i do not know that

Has anyone found a solution on this? I’ve been waiting the whole weekend to get fixed! :frowning:

If your issue is specific to Call of Duty: Warzone or Modern Warfare (2019), we’ve just released an update for this. You will need to close XSplit Broadcaster and then once closed, reopen/relaunch.

Basically Call of Duty Warzone released a patch which prevented our Game Source from working. We’ve released a temporary fix that should solve this but are also investigating further to find out the exact reason why it stopped.

@YusifovZade CS:GO implemented some strict checking a while ago which prevents apps from hooking in to the game, thus preventing Game Source from capturing CS:GO.

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Can you also have a look at XSplit Gamecaster, it does the same thing as Broadcaster, Game capture non existent on Call of Duty: Warzone or Modern Warfare (2019)


Gamecaster is no longer under XSplit so they’ll be handling their fix separately. However, they are aware of the issue.