On screen scrolling text

This is probably either one of those ‘who is this fool? Everyone knows how to do that that’ questions, or alternatively one of those ‘who is this fool? Everyone knows that’s impossible’ ones. Either way, in this case I’m the relevant fool (or the Idiot - but that’s a book joke (blush) :slight_smile: ). Still, here goes.

Use case: I want to put together a set of feeds in Xsplit, both for live streaming or, more often, recording to post on discover-able feed channels. In essence, it’s a book reading. But I also want to include the text I’m reading, fed from a file, scrolling as I read it (I included a concept image here). Is there a way to establish a speed controllable input which is scrolling text from a file? Ideally speed controllable and foreground/ background colour select-able?

Hmmm, we don’t have any such feature to do this out of the box. It shouldn’t be difficult to create a such a source by creating a webpage.

If I get time, I’ll try and create some kind of sample as a personal project that you might be able to use, no guarantees here though.