Pending team license

In the license manager page on of the team licenses are labeled “pending”. How do I make it “accepted”?

The owner of the email where you sent the license need to accept that license, they should have received an email with the license offer from Team License on their email

Problem was that the mail was never sent. Had to revoke and assign several times, then it finally was sent and the account was activated. Probably a bug in the Team License Manager code (if not a problem with my Chrome instance, which I doubt). Thanks anyway!

Have you made sure to check the SPAM folder aswell?

Yes. It was clearly something on the web page (potentially in the browser, but not probable). When the “assign” finally worked, there was a sort of refresh of the window but before nothing really happened when assigning. You can say that the page behaved slightly different when the “assign” finally worked and the mail was sent.

Did you received the email to accept the team license offer after that?