Ping spike on stream

I stream cod warzone on pc.
Since the last several days I have insane ping spikes in game.I was able to play and stream without any issue before.

Hi! Are you able to test if it happens specifically when you’re streaming CoD Warzone? Does the stream stop, or does it continue despite the spikes? Does it show any frame drops or lags in the stream itself?

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I dont know but recently I did registry clean with ccleaner I think it fked up my pc now I dont know what to do.

Try uninstalling then reinstalling XSplit Gamecaster first. This is to make sure that CCleaner didn’t accidentally remove anything that’s needed for it to run properly.

This happens to me as well. I don’t believe I did anything to upset the software. I was streaming normally before but just yesterday it started lagging terribly.

Are you still encountering problems with the PC’s registry? What kinds of issues happened nafter you ran CCleaner?

Does the lag happen just in the stream, or does it also affect the COD Warzone game window?