Please Help make Video Intros/Outros Happen!

This is a feature that is possible in Broadcaster but NOT in Gamecaster (yet!)…

I want to be able to hit my “Intro” scene, play my prerecorded Intro video once (without looping), and then be free to transition into my main gamecasting scene.

Same with hitting an Outro, play through once & then I’m good to end stream…

This HAS been suggested already - so please go here and give this feature your upvotes!!

You can already add a custom video element which has the option to not loop. You can just create a custom scene and add the video you want (like you would in broadcaster) and then make the scene switches as and when you want to use them.

Although, I see we need to add a couple of options to the custom video, like we did for the countdown timer, that will make the video play from the start when loading the scene.

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My understanding of the suggestion was that it is focused mostly on just requesting additional functions to be added to the already existing widget.

I had hoped my post could help bring more upvotes to the suggestion, so that its status could move from “under consideration” to “planned.”

… As for the existing video element - I might be using it incorrectly because I think I’ve done what you instructed, but when I switch to that scene, the video does not play. The whole scene is just that video and I unchecked the “Loop” box. I start my stream on scene 1: my channel logo, I transition to scene 2: the video element - no video plays - and then I switch to scene 3: my gamecast.

Everything works properly except the video element. I even have a different scene with a looping video element, and that one plays just fine. It’s only the play-once videos that are just MIA.

Am I doing something wrong??

Nope, you’re right. We’re lacking some functionality/properties for video sources to make them more useful. I think @Jon commented on the feature vote page that it is the case. It’s something we should and will implement.