Powerpoint Office 365 - VCam not showing up as CAM?

Hi Folks,
When I attempt to do a recording in PPT, it defaults to the Logitech Device and does not list VCAM as an option (like many other programs). Is there a setting that I am missing in Windows or Office 365 to default to VCAM as the Camera of Choice?


I have the same problem. Hoping someone can help with this!

A new version will have option to install VCam as a hardware driver, so VCam will be discoverable by applications as a camera source. We are just fixing a few more issues, and will keep this thread updated when the new version is out.

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Hi all! VCam 2.0 Beta installer is now available for download -> VCam 2.0 Beta is here! 2x Improved AI / Hardware Driver Installation / Image and Video Background Configuration

For those who have issues with applications not discovering VCam as a camera, please try to install the hardware driver.


If you want to install VCam 2.0 hardware driver, we recommend uninstalling 1.2 version first before installing the hardware driver. Uninstalling 1.2 will unregister the virtual camera for 1.2 version and ensure that 1.2’s virtual camera won’t be enumerated as an available camera in applications.