Preffered Cam in case multiple cams detected

Not sure if it’s possible. I have the following case. I use a laptop, but most of the time I’m docked and have a Logictech Brio cam attached. As soon as I have two cams available VCam allows me to select either one of them. However when I’m undocked I only have the integrated webcam available. The VCam software notices this and selects the integrated webcam.

When I dock again it’s recognizing the Brio webcam, but I have to select it manually. Is there a way to have a preferred cam when there are multiple available?

Hi there! May I know the brand and model of your laptop?

And just to clarify, you want it so that when your docked, VCam will automatically detect BRIO and auto select that camera, is that correct?

Currently, we have no option to lock VCam into a preferred camera. But this is actually a good suggestion!

We would greatly appreciate if you’d post that feature request in this link: - we take our users’ ideas seriously. :slight_smile:

You’re correctly translating my request. I’m using the most recent Dell XPS 15 9500. I’m using this in combination with a Philips 49" Screen with Build-In dock.

See this suggestion: