Problem gameplay local recording in broadcaster for gears tactics


when i play gears tactics with controller, controller input has interrupt keyboard+mouse when i xsplit broadcaster program started.

not only Gears Tactics, but all the games in the Microsoft store games (ex, Gears4,5) have this problem.

how can i fix this?

is there any solution for this situation?

Hi there, may I ask which version of XSplit Broadcaster are you using?

Hi to you too! We’ve just done a quick test (using Roblox from Microsoft store) but was unable to replicate your issue.

Does this happen only during local recording? how about when XSplit is just idle and not recording/streaming?

Also as @Moriones mentioned, may we get the version of XSplit Broadcaster you are using?

XSplit Broadcaster Version is v3.9(3.9.1912.1008)

and this problem is appeared not only during local recording.
it came out when just xsplit program is on.

Okay I see… we’d like to know more about the details of your issue. Which gamepad are you using for this?

i use Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 by wireless connection

Thank you for your response. We’d like to gather more info about this issue. If you are free, please go to and chat with us so we can gather more information and see how we can sort this out :slight_smile: