Problem using RTMP stream source from nginx-rtmp server

Hi everyone,

I’m new to XSplitand i’m having a problem setting up a RTMP Stream source. I have a nginx-rtmp server on a Raspberry Pi on my local network. I can stream to that server, and i can also open the stream on VLC and on OBS with no problem, but when i try to open that stream on XSplit, i only get a black screen. I tried streaming from XSplit to the nginx-rtmp server, and from OBS to the nginx-rtmp server, and, in both cases, VLC and OBS can use the stream as input source, but in XSplit i only get a black screen. I’m using the following values to stream to the nginx server:

RTMP URL: rtmp://
Stream Key: teste

And tried to open with the following values on RTMP Stream Source:

URL: rtmp://
Stream Name: teste
Buffer (secs): 1


URL: rtmp://
Stream Name: 
Buffer (secs): 1

and with buffer with other values, and url with or without protocol, but no luck.

I’ve turned on “enhanced logging”, and i’m seeing the following link appearing there (don’t know if it is the link XSplit is trying to use):
I tried to open this link on VLC, and it can’t also open the stream with that link, but can without “\demux:rtmp_live:live\filter:delay_ms:1000”.

I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong while setting up the stream source, or if it is something with the nginx-rtmp server. My suspicion is that the nginx-rtmp module may be parsing “teste\demux:rtmp_live:live\filter:delay_ms:1000” as the key… but i can’t find nothing regarding that.

Has anyone ever crossed something like this and found a solution?
Thanks in advance.

Hello! John here from Support, could you go to the Advanced tab and try changing the video processing mode set there? For example Prefer GPU?

If same issue try unchecking Browser Special Optimization as well on the Advanced tab, and do make sure to click on Apply to apply the changes then restart XSplit.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Changing the video processing mode makes a image appear, but the image that appears doesn’t move. Tried GPU and CPU, with and without Browser Special Optimization, and the result is the same, a still image.
Even tried to change the GPU Adapter between the “Automatic”, “Intel graphics” and “Nvidia gtx1050ti”.

Funny thing, as i was writting this, i still had XSplit opened in the second monitor, and from nothing the image just started to move (like it’s supposed to), just with a lot of delay (i already had stopped streaming to the raspberry pi like 10/15mins ago). It was like i had set a big stream buffer, and that buffer was now catching up (i have Stream Buffer at 0secs).

Well, i think i may try and use a workaround for now… open VLC and add a source for VLC…

Regardless, thanks :slight_smile: