Problems with purchasing

After pressing the “Buy now” Button on the " Simple, straight-forward pricing page" nothing happens. Only a black screen with “load bubles” are shown.
I want to upgrade to VCam " Lifetime VCam"
I did try to order over " XSplit Team Manager" but I got the same black screen.

Is there an other option to order this license?



Hi there, could try clearing your browser cache? Or, try using incognito mode of your browser?

this 2 recommended steps did not help. I did try with firefox and edge on 2 different computers

  • run in anonymos mode
  • did delete the cache and try again.

In edge I got following error message:
It looks like the website at removed is having problems or it may have been moved permanently to a new web address.

Sorry to hear that the issue persist, can you contact us through out support chat here

So we can assist you better and for security purposes?

Hi, you mean the facebook chat?

You can reach Support through Messenger there, or using the chat icon at the lower-right of the page.