PTR Push to Talk Broken?

Hi all,

Just wondering, is the Push to Talk broken on the PTR for anyone else? When I set a key for it the only thing that seems to happen when I press said key is the volume for my mic and sound device jumps to 100 if they are not already there. Mic mute icon doesn’t show it un-muting when the key is pressed either. I stream in a busy house with loud roommates so I kind of rely on this feature. Is this happening for anyone else or is it just busted for me? O.o

Thanks in advance!


Hi! I seem to be getting the same problem in the PTR 4.1 version of XSplit Broadcaster. Even if I bind push-to-talk hotkeys, it doesn’t seem to mute/unmute whether I have the button(s) held down.

Glad it’s no just me then. I forgot to include my version number, that’d be helpful I guess. It’s PTR 4.1.2102.2201, Broadcaster Version (RE3)

If anyone else could test this just to double check I’d be super grateful. Do I need to put in a support ticket for this or do I need to report it as a bug or something?

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We’ve raised this issue to the devs and they’ll be looking into it.