Question about NDI

Hi, new to xsplit, but not new to broadcasting software.
Is there a way to make the broadcasting of a scene through NDI start automatically as soon as xsplit opens up ?

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Hello! Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment, but you can try using MACRO extension to automatically starts streams or recording like NDI

Ok, I will give it a look! Thank you for the reply <3

Hey @lancemadcat - I created a macro that runs after x amount of defined seconds. Because macros extension will open when Broadcaster opens if you don’t explicitly close it, this means when you open XSplit Broadcaster, the macro will wait some seconds and then trigger it to do what you want, such as starting an NDI stream

Start NDI after x seconds.json (1.7 KB)

This thread speaks a little bit about how you can import custom macros

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Thank you for the help!