Razer Ripsaw HD audio

HI there,
Does anyone have the latest Razer Ripsaw HDMI capture card?
I’m on Windows 10. Do you know how to capture the hdmi audio (not the Razer’s mic).

Xsplit doesn’t seem to be able to detect a Razer Ripsaw HD Audio input.
It does detect the Ripsaw’s Microphone inputs but game audio is coming thru the HDMI inputs and outputs of the capture card.
Also, the older previous model of Ripsaw capture card had hdmi audio coming thru it and current Xsplit version can capture its audio.

Edit: nevermind my question LOL
I figured it out.
Windows and therefore Xsplit sees the Ripsaw’s audio output as “Microphone Razer Ripsaw HD HDMI”.
It’s not actually a Mic though since it’s outputting the actual game audio and this is the Audio input you have to select in the Source settings for Razer Ripsaw HD HDMI game feed in Xsplit.
And then the “Audio Input” under “Configure” can be further tweaked for volume loudness.

FYI, Windows 10 sees the Razer Ripsaw HD as “camera” instead of a USB video capture device.
Therefore Xsplit sees it as a ‘camera’ device instead of a game capture card.