Record perfect quality even when internet speed goes down?

Ok, so i’ve been wondering if Xsplit Broadcaster has a feature to record to hard drive in perfect quality, independent from the quality being outputted during stream, as my ISP can be shaky when it comes to steady upload speed at times.

I use the Variable constant bitrate feature which helps out a lot, but unfortunately, when i check the recording that is stored in my hard drive, the confetti moments are also the same in the recorded video.

I was wondering if there was a feature to record in perfect quality independent from stream quality, or if Xsplit can create a new feature for this? I would think it would be very possible to do.

Let me know if there’s any thoughts or future plans on this?

Hi! If you are using the option Automatically save recording on local drive on the stream settings this will save a copy of the actual stream in your computer. There is a record function for XSplit Broadcaster but to use it at the same time when streaming a license is needed

I am licensed.

I did look into this and did some testing, seems to work well enough.

i had also looked into streaming with graphics card rather than CPU, but my stream seems to get worse performance from using the graphics card than from using my CPU.

my CPU: Intel Core i7 Extreme -5960X (8 Cores 4.2 - 4.7GHz)
My Graphics card: EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black - 6GB GDDR5

i’m trying to see if there are any solutions that may potentially work without me having to rely on my CPU, as it does reach it’s temp limit often and i know it’s not good for the CPU to reach it’s heat limit all the time.

The closest option really would be to have the local recording output running at the same time as the stream – that’s currently XSplit Broadcaster’s best way to save a higher-quality recording alongside a stream, other than the “Save local copy” option.