Recording often doesn't include a media source

Hi! Why do the recordings I make in Broadcaster PTR sometimes include a pre-recorded track I’ve made? I’ve run an experiment, where I make a recording that includes the track, and then immediately after that, without changing anything, I make a recording, and it doesn’t include the track.

I’ve tried rebooting the PC; clicking on the reset button, and many other things. It’s an intermittent problem, and I can’t figure out why the track is sometimes present in the recording, and usually not.


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Hi! Are you still having that problem with your XSplit Broadcaster recordings? If it’s still happening – are you able to send us a sample recording affected by the problem?

Please also send us a screenshot of the sources that are added in the XSplit Broadcaster scene.

Hi Batolomew!

 Sorry for the delay in responding.  Yes, I still have the problem.  I'll send a recording or two, and the screenshot.

I have trouble uploading the recordings; sorry. I can’t upload an MP4, but that’s the only format I can record in using Broadcaster PTR,

Hi! It might be better to reach out to Support via live chat so they can check your recordings and request any logs they might need for troubleshooting this.

You can reach them via the chat icon at: