Recordings are suffering with stuttering

Lately, the videos that I have recorded have processed with some choppiness at random points throughout. There has been no indication during recording that there are any issues, the gameplay is flawless throughout and the recording window doesn’t show any signs of issues either. But after the video has processed they become choppy at random points throughout playback. I didn’t have this issue before but within the last few months, they’re becoming more frequent. Does anyone have an idea of how to resolve this?

Hi! We can check the recording settings first to see what could be adjusted. Please send over a screenshot of your Local Recording Properties from XSplit Broadcaster.

Do you also have any sample recordings from before then after the stuttering started, for comparison?

Which settings do you need to see exactly? For some reason, I’m not allowed to post links or images.

The Local Recording Properties, which shows up when you click on this gear icon in the XSplit Broadcaster window:


I’ve kept the latest video up on Youtube to give you an example. The stuttering starts around the 15:55 mark. On this occasion, it started during a cutscene. Usually, it happens during normal gameplay.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I noticed that the game’s been added as a Window Capture in your XSplit Broadcaster presentation. Is this particular game not detectable as a game capture source?

This game and the other game aren’t showing up under the game capture tab. So far, I’m only about to detect them using smart capture.

Does the same thing happen if you choose NVENC as the codec for the recording, instead of x264?