Regarding Vcam Lastest update

Recently after the lastest update for Vcam . My camera C920 from logitech is suffering .
Alot of fps drops the image looks worse slower than what I had before laggy . Also when I stream now there is a sync issue with my voice .

I hope to see improvements soon and fixes to these issues . I just though of reporting it and maybe someone else having the same issues . Im supporter for this software and I allready purchased it . Im waiting to see 1080 HD with 60 FPS .

I want to thank all who worked on this software and I hope to see new features very soon .

Hi! Does it still stay laggy after changing the hardware acceleration settings in XSplit VCam?

Hardware Acceleration

Sorry for the late replay .
I tried everything and still laggy .
I have my Logitech camera C920 connected into a laptop.
The laptop has Nvidia 840M and i7 -4700HQ

We’d definitely recommend checking that with the Support team via live chat: