Release 4.1 very slow opening files

I have just installed release 4.1 … I double clicked my a broadcast file which I last used (last week) and it took over 2 minutes before it was open … It seems to be hung on the step “Checking outputs” whatever that is doing …

It then asked if I wanted to save the current file to which I said no (that was also last weeks) and it took a further 2 minutes to open but with no screen updates … just looked like it was hanging.

With the prior version it could take 30 seconds for the first step which I always put down to the fact the one usb and 2 rtsp attached cameras were not online when the file was opened … 30 seconds I could live with but two lots of two minutes does not work for me. What can I do to see what the issue is?

Hi! Try this first: Hold Shift while XSplit Broadcaster is launching to have it show this prompt.
From there, choose to Create a new presentation and see if it still has the same issue. This is to check if that lag is being caused by any of the sources in your existing XSplit Broadcaster scenes.

Hi - thanks for the comments - I agree, it may well be something with my script. I have 34 scenes in the script and, as I mentioned, I have three cameras. The scenes either contain a jpg, a jpg plus a camera, a screen share plus a camera and jpg, a movie plus jpg, a movie plus a camera and jpg or a movie plus an mp3.

Just opening xsplit on its own without loading a script is ok …

I have a second PC which we have a second xsplit licence for and that script has has about 56 scenes. There are no cameras in any scenes of that script - just one or two jpg’s on each scene plus a few scenes which are sourced from NDI (fed from the other PC). That script opens in about 20 to 30 seconds on 4.1 where as on 4.0 it was 5 to 10 seconds. I can live with hat so left 4.1 installed because the changes to how scenes are managed in 4.1 is a great bonus.

I have been using xsplit every week for the past year to stream to 2 channels and mostly the script is the same each week… with version 4.0 it took around 20 to 30 seconds to launch from the file, click the don’t save the current script button and to load the new file. With 4.1 it actually took 6 minutes and 30 seconds to do the same steps. So yes, I could delete scenes but clearly there is something in the way the new version handles it that the old did not. I had a discussion with support yesterday and have supplied logs, video’s and files and have now uninstalled 4.1 and re-installed 4.0 and so its back to 20 to 30 seconds.

I am waiting an update on the ticket …