[RELEASE] 9th Dec 2019 - Pause those Recordings!

Download the latest version here: https://xsplit.com/gamecaster

If already installed, XSplit Gamecaster will automatically update.

This release sees a new and improved login UI and best of all, the ability to pause your recording!


  • Improved the Login UI; now treated as the 1st step in onboarding.
  • Added pause functionality for Recordings.
  • Fixed a bug where slideshow children would reposition switching from basic -> advanced.
  • Make Main Input Source backwards compatible.
  • Fixed a bug where the correct Facebook name would not display when chosen from the HUD.

As always, we really appreciate the feedback. If you do have any ideas or suggestions please head to: https://ideas-xgc.xsplit.com and let us know!


I need some help with xsplit broadcast how to setup in the computer to play game in Facebook page

Hi and welcome to the XSplit community! Since you posted on Gamecaster, we have a guide here if you are new to the program:

You can also watch our video on how to get started here: