[RELEASE] VCam - January 8, 2021 (Custom Watermark)

Download the latest version here: https://xsplit.com/vcam

  • Custom watermark - Add your own foreground image or video!
    Log in using your upgraded XSplit account to add your own watermark.
  • Fixed: After a machine restart, webcam settings reset to default when launching VCam
  • Fixed: VCam freezes sometimes after unplugging the selected webcam
  • Thai language support
  • Minor UI improvements

Release Notes: XSplit VCam 2.1.2101.0603 Release Notes
Note: VCam 2.1.2102.0603 is not yet available through in-app update.

NOTE: After installation or update, it may be necessary to restart the software that uses the camera (such as the browser, GoToMeeting, etc.).

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