[RELEASE] VCAM PTR - Aug 25, 2020

PTR Release - 2.0.2008.2502

Download the PTR here: https://www.xsplit.com/vcam/ptr

  • FIXED - Enabled “Remove loading screen” shows logo screen sometimes (consistently replicable after restarting machine).


  • We recommend uninstalling your previous VCam version before installing a new PTR version.

Release Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSrKvX61_xlDIlBoZNSryzUtPdEB9np1TizIX4DaBlmoSg8ZSbtZufxmmgMbeedjTj4Dw5-jKutfiz6/pub

For ideas and suggestions, please use https://ideas-xvc.xsplit.com

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Thanks for the update. When using the device driver with Zoom, it is fine but when using with BlueJeans, the image is rotated 180 degrees (upside down). I can’t find an adjustment in BlueJeans or in XSplit Vcam. Is there a setting?

Using with the web version is not rotated and works fine.

Hi @dennis.vanmetre,
We can replicate your issue in BlueJeans app and we resolve it by doing these steps:

  1. Reinstall BlueJeans app
  2. Log in to your BlueJeans app
  3. Then restart the app - After restarting, BlueJeans should now list external camera devices including XSplit VCam.

Let me know if these steps fixes the issue for you.

Sorry…that didn’t work. I followed the order you suggested. The Xsplit cam is present and was present before but the image in the BlueJean app is rotated 180 degrees.

@dennis.vanmetre May I know what Windows OS version are you using?

Why can’t I use my camera’s full resolution?

When I use the camera directly in OBS, I can pick the full resolution of 1920x1080. When I choose VCam as the source, I’m limited to 1280x720.

Vcam this version PTR 2.0.2008.2502 is working to Windows 7 os.

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@cheesyrambo With the new version of VCam, I am no longer able to capture its output with multiple applications, like using OBS and Meet/Zoom at the same time. I primarily use VCam as a webcam duplicator/splitter, so this completely breaks that functionality. Prior versions worked like a charm, but this is both an issue for me, and my other friend who is using the new version.

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New version uses a kernal/device driver that makes it act like a standard camera device plugged in to your system. This is great for allowing VCam to work in ANY app that allows for webcams but not so good for users such as yourself where you need to use VCam in multiple places at the same time.

Any way you guy could consider supporting this use case officially? VCam was the end-all-be-all solution for doing mutli-streamer streams with virtual green screens. Without being able to output to multiple apps, 2.0 turns VCam into ‘one more app in the webcam pipeline’. I’m sure I’m not the only one that uses this functionality for VCam.

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I use 64-bit Windows Pro 1903.

the rotated feature makes using this impossible. i can’t find a way to choose rotate 180 degrees on any of my apps or settings.

Yep, for sure. I’ve passed on the feedback anyway and hopefully some alternative option can be provided for those users who need to consume VCam in multiple places at the same time.

In PTR 2.0.2008.2502, most of my settings reset at every launch (remove loading screen, hardware acceleration, quality controls, always 30 fps, remove chair—always reset to their default values).

This appears to be a regression, because in stable release 2.0.2008.2201, only the “remove loading screen” option resets at every launch—the other settings stick.

Another issue is that neither PTR 2.0.2008.2502 nor stable release 2.0.2008.2201 remember me. At every launch, the watermark reappears, and I am forced to log in through the browser again (see this thread).

  • XSplit VCam PTR 2.0.2008.2502 (lifetime license)
  • Windows 10 Pro version 2004 build 19041.450
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) version 85.0.564.51

Hi @doandroids

Will investigate the issue with the settings that reset on load.

We made a fix a few minutes ago for the remember me issue. Please restart your XSplit VCam and log in again. Then restarting again should remember your account now.

because in stable release 2.0.2008.2201, only the “remove loading screen” option resets at every launch—the other settings stick.

@doandroids, this may be because of the remember me issue. Loading screen setting will reset to default when logged out. Please try again and let me know if the login and loading screen setting are retained now.

All the settings resetting at launch also seems to have been due to the login problem, as they no longer reset to defaults for me on PTR 2.0.2008.2502. Thanks!

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