[RELEASE] XBC PTR - Nov 14, 2019

PTR release - 3.9.1911.1303

Download the PTR here: https://xsplit.com/ptr

What’s New?

  • Specify a scene for local recording - Useful if you want a pure gameplay recording whilst streaming
  • Per Scene Transitions / Transition Override
  • Live Scene has been added to the scene source
  • GPU Prioritisation - Your recording or stream should no longer degrade when playing a GPU intensive game

Plugins & Extensions

  • We’ve added a decay rate to the audio mixer to make it more sexy and smooth
  • New action and trigger macros for replay source and scene presets

On top of those, we’ve also made some improvements to display capture where you can now hide XSplit Broadcaster from being captured. We’ve also made some general improvements to the login experience where we’ll always authorize through your browser which should hopefully mean no more need to type your user name and password every time. We also now expose an aspect ratio mode in video encoding settings from channel properties. This gives a bit more freedom on how your final output will look.

For a full list of patch notes, click here.

For ideas and suggestions, please use https://ideas-xbc.xsplit.com

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